How To Accept Things As They Are

Hello and, how are you? Well, as for me, I woke up thinking about accepting things as they are. Because by accepting things as they are, I am deciding not to hold on to anything that doesn’t help me prosper.

I know for certain, someone out there has been in situations and everything is going well; then suddenly everything changes. Now, you’re all discombobulated, trying to understand it all, well guess what, I can relate. Therefore, I decided to accept things for what they are instead of attempting to dissect and analyze the situation. I chose to not lean within my “Self” understanding, but to open my mind and accept what comes, in the way that it comes. By doing this I allowed myself a more free and liberal approach to understanding what’s happening, giving myself no expectations and freeing my heart from disappointment.

Many may not know that the feeling of disappointment opens the door (the mind) which allows the devil the opportunity to come into the psyche to play; as my grandmother used to say, “the devil’s playground.” This also causes one to have a closed mind to other possibilities and only open to what you yourself want and not allow yourself to really see what is needed.

Again, my topic is accepting this as they are. Like the great legendary Author Maya Angelou once stated. “when someone shows you who they are, believe them.

“I love you all and thanks for joining. Please feel free to leave comments, explore stories, share and more. We want to know how you feel.

Until next time Peace, love, and Thickness. From the angelic voice of soul, Ms. Raven Salve.’