Congratulations Raven Salve For Your Feature In All Fresh Bread

Coming out of Pensacola, FL, Raven Salve’ is a singer/songwriter who uses her artist creative ability with music to raise awareness of domestic violence, school shootings, gun control, and police brutality. With all these matters being hot subjects that are in need of attention, it is powerful for an artist to use her musical talent to communicate and bring attention to strong issues.

In her recent track “Cry For America”, Raven unravels all of these issues in one powerful message. Although the message Raven is conveying is strong, she also has a strong and powerful voice to express it. Hitting notes with perfection and seamlessly flowing through the pockets of the track, Raven Salve’ has top of the line music talent that shines from start to finish.

With strong melodic harmonies, and smoothed in backup vocals, the vocal performance on this track is grade A quality across the board. Raven leaves nothing on the table with this track and pours everything she has into this track. The raw emotions can be felt in the vocal presence.

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