Helping Women Stand Up For Themselves

Our society is beautiful, it has amazing things that we want to check out and enjoy every day. But stuff like this doesn’t come without its fair share of challenges. In fact, there are lots of unjust things that you need to manage and handle on your own, but you rarely see people talk about that stuff. My name is Raven Salve and I am a musician. I create R&B music that’s showcases a variety of issues with our society and how we can handle all those things in a very dependable and rewarding manner.

Dealing with local area issues
One of the main themes in my songs is definitely the list of issues in Pensacola. I’ve been living in Pensacola for my entire life, and I always tried to help people and offer them the support and help they needed. I always want to assist people as much as I can and bring them the assistance they need. However, I also feel it’s my responsibility to bring any issues I uncover to light. It just makes it easier for people to express themselves and also talk with the authorities.

Letting them know about the problems that appear and the numerous things that they can deal with is extremely important. It just shows that yes, there are things you need to cover and you must do everything you can in order to eliminate them adequately. My goal is to create music that helps people speak out about their problems instead of just shutting up.

Domestic Violence
I know a lot of women that were abused and which dealt with domestic violence almost every day. This is a topic that’s extremely important for me, and I want everyone to know about it. My music encourages women to talk about this and refer to people that can help them. I can only imagine how demanding and challenging stuff like this can be, so I want every woman to understand that I am here and I will be doing my best to assist and provide the support they need whenever they want. Yes, it’s a tricky thing to handle, but something as simple as bringing awareness to domestic violence is very important. I am extremely passionate about the idea of helping women stand up for themselves, and that’s what I do through my music.

Anti-Trump Politics
I am one of the people that dislike the current presidency and I do believe that we deserve better. Politics is also one of the themes I heavily focus on in my music, and I do believe that it’s important to talk about these things. Only when we stand up together, we will be able to achieve great success. It’s never going to be easy to find the right president, but with the right focus and a lot of hard work, nothing is impossible. I showcase the issues with our president and how he reacts, and at the same time I want to bring awareness that we can do better during the upcoming elections.

If you are passionate about these topics as much as I am, don’t hesitate and give my music a try. My main focus is to help people express themselves, relax and also talk with one another about those important topics in our lives. Once we do that, results can be a whole lot better!

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