The More We Pay Attention To The Issue The More We’re Appalled

Domestic violence is far from a rare event. According to the World Health Organization, 30 percent of women worldwide have experienced intimate partner violence. And a report from the National Academies found that the United States, compared to 16 other high-income countries, has the sixth-highest rate of physical or sexual assaults on partners. Domestic violence is a public health crisis. It is one of the unseen epidemics that has plagued our world for centuries.

I have made domestic violence awareness one of the key issues of my music and message. Domestic violence inflicts serious physical, psychological, and oftentimes sexual damage. Chronic conditions can arise from domestic abuse. These conditions include chronic pain, gastrointestinal disorders, psychosomatic symptoms, obesity, substance abuse, depression, and eating disorders. Domestic violence leaves a lot more than physical scars on its victims.

Domestic violence is one of the unseen and unheard epidemics. Society places unfair stereotypes on its victims and little relief. This relief is usually charitable boarding houses that mimic homeless shelters. Domestic violence awareness needs addressed until it becomes a common narrative. As a society, the more we pay attention to the issue the more we’re appalled at how long we ignored the facts. If you think or know someone who may be a victim of domestic violence; take time to pay attention. Speak up and speak out; it may save their lives in more ways than one.