We Can Stop Domestic Violence

Ever since I started writing music, my focus has always been on helping people talk about the issues that appear in their lives, while also offering them a way to eliminate concerns and focus on the most important things. One of the problems that gets overlooked very often is domestic violence. I’ve always encountered women that dealt with domestic violence and which were severe affected by it. I know this can be a very sensitive topic, and that’s why a lot of people try to burry it and not talk about these problems.

We need to talk about domestic violence, bring the spotlight on this issue

However, the truth is that domestic violence gets overlooked because victims don’t want to be seen as week, nor do they want to bring in even more problems in their lives. Instead, they are willing to continue dealing with all the abuse. I know many women that continued living with their abuser for years until their friends and family put a stop to it. 

That’s especially hard to do when a child is involved. That’s the main issue for a lot of women, the fact that stepping away from the abuser usually means battling the custody of their child, and that alone is not ok to deal with. But in the end, with the right approach and solutions, nothing can stand in your way and results can be very impressive. 

Spreading the word about domestic violence through music

I believe it’s very important to think about all the good you can do with the platform you have. As a singer and song writer, I believe it’s very important for me to open the eyes of those women that are dealing with abuse and show them that yes, something can be done, and they have control over the situation. It’s never been easy to encounter all kinds of challenges like these, and living through them is a true nightmare.

That’s why I am focused on creating songs which acknowledge the problem and encourage all those dealing with abuse to speak out. You should always be able to speak your mind and deal with these problems one way or the other. Of course it’s uncomfortable, but if you don’t take action, no one will do that for you. Which is why you need to commit to success and focus on yourself for a change. 

I create a lot of songs about women’s empowerment, racism and domestic violence because I either lived through these issues all my life or close ones encountered these problems themselves. I believe it’s extremely important to show everyone that yes, the problem exists and we need to find a way to deal with it properly. Is it going to be easy? No, but the first thing you need to do is to speak your mind. Don’t live with all the abuse and regret that you’re not saying anything. Do whatever you can to speak your mind, leave the abuser and live a great life. You are the master of your own life, so make the most out of it and don’t settle for a life filled with abuse and regrets.